Super Bowl 53 Odds, Predictions and Updates For Your Sportsbook

Dec 10, 2018 | NFL Football

The final month of the NFL Regular Season is when Super Bowl betting really heats up. Future bettors hope to catch a price before playoff spots are locked down.

Updated Super Bowl 53 Odds

Right now, the favorites should garner the most action. Online bookie agents should keep reading to find out who those favorites are. Then, discover some things to do to manage betting on those favorites.

    L.A. Rams 5/2

    New Orleans Saints 3/1

    Kansas City Chiefs 9/2

    New England Patriots 5/1

    Pittsburgh Steelers 12/1

    Chicago Bears 14/1

    Dallas Cowboys 30/1

Managing Super Bowl Betting

The Dallas Cowboys, even at big 30/1 odds, are the highest climbers. The Cowboys battle the rival Philadelphia Eagles this Sunday.

If Dallas beats Philadelphia, their odds should fall to be in line with both the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Chicago Bears.

Dallas is a good enough team to upset the Saints, Rams, and Bears in the NFC.

Pay per head agents must make sure that max betting limits are in place on the Cowboys to win Super Bowl 53. Their defense is good enough for them to beat any team in the AFC.

Rams and Saints should battle each other for favoritism from now until the end of Week 17. Whichever team secures homefield advantage throughout the playoffs will garner the most betting dollars.

It could make sense to re-open wagering on both teams. Even though the Saints and Rams can both win the Vince Lombardi Trophy this season, both can’t win the NFC.

Re-open wagering and pay attention to action on both.

Whichever squad garners the most action gets the max betting limits placement.

the same can be said for the Kansas City Chiefs and the New England Patriots. Both can’t win the AFC march into Super Bowl 53. One team will beat the other.

Only set max betting limits on either once you reach your specific sportsbook action cut off


Both the Pittsburgh Steelers and Chicago Bears face longer odds to win the Super Bowl then what’s listed here. The Bears won’t garner homefield advantage throughout and could face a top wildcard team in the Divisional Playoffs.

Pittsburgh might not even win the AFC North. With 4 games remaining, the Steelers are only a half a game ahead of the rival Baltimore Ravens.

If Pittsburgh loses the AFC North, they might be toast.

Pay per head agents should want to promote wagering on the Steelers and Bears. Definitely set max betting limits, but wait until you’ve reached your personal sportsbook limit.

What About The Underdogs?

Without a doubt, max betting limits must be placed on the following squads. Underdogs do win the Vince Lombardi Trophy once in a while:

  • Baltimore Ravens
  • Houston Texans
  • L.A. Chargers
  • Philadelphia Eagles
  • Minnesota Vikings
  • Seattle Seahawks

As we approach the end of the NFL Regular Season we’ll be updating the Super Bowl 53 odds, plus some tips for managing your sportsbook. So, bookmark this page and stay up-to-date.

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