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Price Per Head – Bring Your Bookmaking Business Into the Internet Age

  When you have the right software at your disposal, then it becomes easier to bring your bookmaking business into the Internet age. The PayPerHead system has been evolving for years and it has become the premier price per head software interface for bookmaking professionals. But before you decide if the Internet is the right move for you, it is important to understand what kind of benefits online betting services offer you and your clients.

Keep Your Records Straight

  The PayPerHead software management system will help you to keep all of your client records straight and give you an organizational system that will allow you to grow your business. You can kick the filing cabinet to the curb and trade it in for a sleek Internet interface that will allow you to track everything you need to know about the current betting lines and your client activity. It is all presented to you in a format that is easy to read and convenient to use. The PayPerHead betting software tracks the lines from over 80 professional, college and amateur sports leagues by using a staff of over 30 experienced professionals. Our staff is on the job 24-hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. The hard work is done for you by a staff of qualified experts. All you have to do is grow your price per head business.

Give Your Customers Options

  Why settle for just being the best bookmaker in your area, when you can become a full Internet betting resource for your clients. Even if your clients have never used an Internet betting system before, the PayPerHead interface is easy enough for anyone to learn how to use. Your customers will be able to place bets, check lines and look at a long list of other betting options that are all designed to attract more clients for you and make you more money. Your clients will also enjoy the convenience of being able to check their betting activity online with the PayPerHead online app. Your customers can set their own parlay profile and then keep track of the action no matter where they are by using their smartphones. The PayPerHead bookmaker betting software allows your clients to try out activities such as horse racing betting and online casino games. These are just more ways that the PayPerHead software makes betting more fun for your clients while making you more money at the same time.


  Online security is a primary concern for you and your clients. The 128-bit encryption used to protect bettor profiles and your bookmaking information is tops in the industry. We also offer a system to record player information in case there is a discrepancy and a fully backed up power system to protect against power failures or surges. It is time to move your bookmaking business to the Internet. With the PayPerHead software management system, all of the work is done for you. All you need to do is keep your clients happy and grow your revenue base. Beginning your business has never been easier. Join PayPerHead by clicking here or calling toll free at 1-888-451-8111. PPH makes it easy to be the boss. Just do what you’re good at, and lean on PPH’s smart online bookie software for help.



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