Online Bookie Tips: How Using a Premium Bookie Software Can Double Profits

Jun 9, 2017 | BookieU

Many pay per head agents might feel that they don’t need premium bookie software. Maybe, they don’t. After all, why spend more when what you’ve got works perfectly fine for you?

Then again, premium bookie software could be the one thing that puts you above your competition. That, by itself, is a reason to add PayPerHead’s Prime Package. How can you get ahead of your competition through premium software? Keep reading to find out!


What Does Great Premium Software Add?

Premium software adds multiple tools and features that can lead to profitability. PayPerHead’s premium package software provides:  

  • A line mover
  • Ability to manage limits,
  • Additional live betting reports
  • Injury information
  • Scores from Don Best
  • Event time changes
  • TV listings.

I dig deeper into how agents can use injury information and TV listings.

Schedule Limit Overrides and Injury Info

Schedule limit overrides allow pay per head agents to set circle limits on a schedule for a sport, period, or profile. An example is setting a $100 betting limit for a year on all NFL games.

All agents, including you, might want to do this, so that you can manage action on NFL football games.

But, maybe, you don’t like the idea of setting a $100 limit on all games. Maybe, you want to only set a schedule limit override on games that you know pro players are going to pound.

What games are pro players going to pound? If it’s a Sunday morning, the best way to know is by looking at injury reports.

Pro players use injury reports like gold. If you don’t believe me, call and ask any tout service on the planet.

Tout services get their information from individuals that are close to the games they target. That’s how they know what games to offer to their clients. What’s the most important information for tout services?

Injury information. Without a doubt – in every sport.

PayPerHead’s premium package offers access to injury information.


The Power of TV Listings

TV listings? What the heck do I need TV listings for? Don’t laugh, my per head agent friends. TV listings can be one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful, tool at your disposal to increase action.

Casual players love to bet on games they can watch. It’s important for you to know this. Even if casual players don’t bet on baseball, if the game is on TV, they might decide to put in a $20 to $20 parlay.

Wouldn’t it be nice for online bookie agents to quickly let their casual players know about that night’s nationally broadcasted game?

Now, if you’re one of those individuals that gets the TV Guide each week, I understand. You don’t need to pay extra for TV listings.  

But, if you’re one of those guys that must search for TV listings, go on the Internet, put TV listings into Google, decide which link you’re going to press, work through the ridiculous digital ads, etc., it might be worth it to pay for TV listings.

Luckily, for all agents, they can get the PayPerHead’s Prime package at 50% off. It’s definitely worth it.