National League Pennant Futures: Profitable Bets for Online Bookies

Jun 29, 2017 | MLB

As pay per head agents, our job is only to pay attention to sporting events in terms of revenue, possible cash flow, possible profit, etc.

We don’t really care which teams win, and which teams lose. Most of us don’t have a favorite team.

Sure, we could root for teams. But, if your team winning a sporting can lead to profit loss, you’re going to root for the other team.

That’s why it’s important for me to come out with blogs about actual sporting propositions.

See below for information on National League Pennant odds and futures.


NL Pennant Odds – Favorites

L.A. Dodgers +275

Chicago Cubs +275

Washington Nationals +275

Wow. As opposed to the AL where the Houston Astros are the clear-cut favorite, 3 teams in the NL are favorites.

Of the 3, the Dodgers have the best chance of pulling away from the Chicago Cubs, and the Washington Nationals.

As of June 27, the Dodgers have gone 17 and 2 straight up in their last 19 games.

It’s imperative that per head agents check their wagers report for money bet on LAD to win the NL Pennant.

The Dodgers, like most MLB Teams, has a rabid fan base. L.A. might be overplayed in your sportsbook.

If the Dodgers, or Cubs or Nationals for that matter, are overplayed, seriously consider setting a schedule limit override from now until the end of the MLB Season.

Cut-off wagering altogether on any team that is overplayed to win the NL Pennant.


Top NL Pennant Odds – Dogs

Colorado Rockies +600

Arizona Diamondbacks +800

Both Colorado and Arizona could be tough come the NL Playoffs.  Arizona, the higher-priced dog, is in a much better position to win the NL Playoffs than Colorado.

The reason is simple. Arizona has 2 lockdown starting pitchers.

Both Zack Greinke and Robbie Ray can shut down an opposing team’s batting line-up.

Not only that, but Arizona’s bullpen is underrated while the offense is one of the best in MLB.

How much is Arizona going to cost per head agents should the Diamondbacks win the NL Pennant?

What’s $100 x 8? The answer is $800. What’s $500 x 8? The answer is $4,000.

Even if you haven’t set max betting limits on Arizona, or Colorado, or any team offering odds above +400 to win the NL Pennant, you must today.

Set max betting limits on all players when it comes to underdogs. Underdogs do win future bets.

Online bookie agents must think in terms of payouts when it comes to all future bets including the NL Pennant.

How much would you possibly have to pay out if Arizona were to win the NL Pennant?

After you answer that question, you consider if it’s possible for you to payout the amount. Then, you set the max betting limit based on that information.

Make sure you know the AL Pennant odds and futures too in order to know which tools to use, for what teams. 

And remember to forecast for NFL betting since the NFL Season starts in early September. You don’t want you bank cleared out before NFL even begins.

Be ready with the right tools.

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