NFL Week 9 Betting Preview & Profitable Matchups For Sportsbooks

Nov 1, 2018 | NFL Football

NFL Week 9 is just about here. Online bookies should pay attention to the action on the following 4 games. By doing so, they can ensure profit with NFL Week 9 betting opportunities.

NFL Week 9 Betting– 4 Games to Ensure Profit

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Let’s get to the 4 games!

Kansas City Chiefs -8.5 at Cleveland Browns

The Browns shed themselves of coach Hue Jackson and offensive coordinator Todd Haley.

That shouldn’t help Cleveland stop Kansas City from dominating them on Sunday. Make sure you use your layoff account if Chiefs create a liability in your book.

Ensure the juice you get on this game is nothing but profit. Use your layoff account.

New York Jets at Miami -3

The Jets moneyline could be a hot wager because NYJ averages close to 115 rushing yards per game while Miami allows over 143 yards on the ground per.

If the Jets get their rushing attack going, they could easily upset the rival Dolphins and win this game straight up.

Make sure max betting limits are on the Jets to win. Also, use your layoff account no matter which team creates a liability.

L.A. Rams at New Orleans Saints -1.5

Most wagers have gone on to the Saints. New Orleans opened as a +1 dog. They’re now a -1.5 favorite. By kickoff, New Orleans could end up a -2 to -3 points favorite. Don’t mess around with this game because both the Rams and Saints could win it. Make sure you use your layoff account. If a moneyline’s set, if New Orleans does become a -3 or more favorite, definitely set max betting limits on both teams to win straight up. The Rams are undefeated for a reason while New Orleans has won 6 in a row.

Green Bay Packers at New England Patriots -5.5

50% of bettors back the Packers. 50% back the Patriots. If Green Bay creates a liability, consider allowing the money to ride.

The Packers traded a key piece of their defense, safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, and should have a heck of a time stopping Tom Brady and the Patriots’ passing attack.

If the Pats create a liability, use your layoff account. Just to be safe, set max betting limits on the Packers to win straight up.

Let the NFL Week 9 betting frenzy begin!