How Many Players Can a NCAA Football Roster Have?

Oct 16, 2012 | BookieU

The average online sports betting fan may start to get confused when trying to understand NCAA College Football rosters.

NCCA team rosters have unique properties which beg the question:

How Many Players Can an NCAA Football Roster Have?

Here are a few unique properties of a NCCA Football Team roster:

  1. College football does not have injured reserved lists or injury reports.
  2. Rosters also do not need to cut their rosters down to any particular number prior to the start of the season.
  3. College football does not have a preseason, there is no need to force players onto the field before they are ready.
  4. College football teams can have active rosters that have up to 125 active players on them.

This can sometimes present problems to the price per head agents because it is nearly impossible to scout all of the players on a college football roster.

It is important to remember that college football is not confined by the same rules that apply to the National Football League, which is why the larger roster number works.

For example, a college football team is not required to take its entire active roster on the road with it. They’re also not required to report who will be dressing for a game and who will be inactive.

More Interesting Facts About College Football Teams and Rosters

College football teams are also not required to play the same quarterback every week.

There are several major college football programs that split the quarterback duties between two or more active quarterbacks.

That can make things extremely confusing for the fans, the media, the bettors and the players on each team. However, it’s an effective weapon that coaches use to win games and clinch Bowl game.

Again, NCAA College Football teams do not need to report injuries and inactive players. Although, still having access to PayPerHead’s Player Injury Reports will provide sportsbook agents with injuries that are actually reported.

The reason the NCAA College Football programs are not required to report on every player is that it would be impractical. Think about the time it would take to report the status of 125 players on each side for every game.

For the most part, the starting players on a college football team are college juniors and seniors.

With the exception of players that have tremendous skill, most freshmen and sophomores have to work their way into the roster and earn a starting spot.

It’s important to remember that just because a college team can have 125 players on its active roster does not mean that every team has that many active players. Most college teams limit themselves to between 60 and 70 active players, with a very long list of prospects working to make the team.

NCAA College Football is the training ground where tomorrow’s professionals develop their playing styles and prepare for the NFL.

Though for many college players, there is much more time spent waiting for a call to join the roster than there is time spent dazzling the NFL scouts.