Price Per Head Tips: Can MLB Scalping Improve Your Profits?

Jun 8, 2017 | MLB

Most online bookie agents are aware of their PayPerHead layoff accounts. The layoff account allows agents to lay off money on one side of spread to another. By evening out betting on both sides of a spread, agents reap the vig, or juice. The vig or juice is per profit.

There is no vig or juice with moneyline bets. The only way to garner vig or juice is to create it. The best way to create it is by scalping. Most scalping opportunities occurs with MLB games.  

What is MLB Scalping?

MLB scalping, sometimes referred to as arbitrage, is pocketing the difference between two sets of moneyline bets. See below for an example.

Boston +180

New York -200


Boston +150

New York -160

An example of a scalp is putting $100 on Boston at +180, and $160 on New York at -160. If Boston wins, the player wins $20 profit.

If New York wins, the player’s even. The $100 profit the player made on New York’s win is used to pay off the $100 the player laid on Boston.

Scalping MLB games can lead to profit because it ensures agents don’t lose any profit. That’s the first way. The second way is by improving profit

Improve is the Key Word in Improving Profit

What I mean by the above statement is that MLB bettors, especially pro MLB bettors, are different than other types of bettors.

The nature of moneyline wager implies more success than against the spread wagers. The nature of a moneyline wager implies a 50% chance, a flip of the coin.

It’s better odds than going for black or red on a roulette wheel. Per head agents make money via the extra investment. That doesn’t mean that players lose more than they win.

They can win more than they lose because it’s still an inherently 50-50 bet. Either Boston wins, or New York wins.

There’s no edge for the house, for the agent, like there is in spread betting. If a player wins 6 MLB bets in a row on the moneyline, it doesn’t matter how much that player invested.

Why? Because the invested dollars are returned to the player on every moneyline bet won.

MLB scalping can only improve profit. It’s not going to lead to great profit. The reason is because MLB bettors, the very best, win more than they lose.

When Price Per Head Agents Should Scalp

That’s why it’s much more important for agents to set schedule limit overrides or max betting limits on MLB games than to look for scalping opportunities.

Scalping opportunities often are only within 3 to 5 points. Scalping MLB games might be the best way to go during the MLB Playoffs when options for MLB bettors are limited.

Controlling your very best MLB bettors is imperative. Doing this disallows the possible amount of money won, not looking for a scalping opportunity.

Remember, that to scalp an MLB game, you too must invest money.

Online bookies should find their most optimal max betting limit. Institute that on all MLB games.

If a specific game really gets out of control, then they should look for the scalp. But, out of control MLB games are only when agents should look to scalp.

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