How Many Players In An NFL Football Roster & Capitalizing On Roster Betting

Nov 13, 2012 | NFL Football

Your players love to bet on just about anything NFL—including the NFL rosters.

The NFL plays Preseason Week 2 on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. At the end of NFL Preseason Week 2, teams should cut their rosters down to around 100 players.

Before NFL Preseason Week 4, rosters should be at 75 players. Before the first NFL Regular Season game, all rosters must be at 53 players.

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During the NFL Preseason, online bookies can capitalize on football roster betting. Below you’ll find an infographic, designed to help bookies stay on track with the easy 4 steps to promoting roster better.

Bookmark it, save it, or print it, and start capitalizing on all things football!

How to Capitalize On NFL Football Roster Betting

An NFL roster includes 53 active players with 8 players on the practice squad. On game days, the roster is at 46 players.

Before the NFL Preseason ends, pay per head agents can capitalize on NFL Football roster betting.

After every NFL Preseason game, teams decide who to keep and who to cut.

Some sports bettors wager on the next week’s NFL Preseason games based on who got the cut.

Here’s a step-by-step method for agents to encourage all sports bettors to engage in NFL Football roster betting.

Step #1 – Find out who NFL teams cut after the earlier preseason games

All NFL teams release information on who they keep and cut the day it happens. New England released a statement about cutting wide receiver Jordan Matthews before their first preseason game.

If agents wanted to promote NFL Football roster betting, placing information on Matthews release in marketing messages could do that.

Step #2 – Find out who NFL teams got to replace cut players

New England cut Jordan Matthews, and then they signed WR Eric Decker. Decker will play in New England’s second preseason game.

If online bookie agents wish to promote action on the Patriots second preseason game, they can use the Decker signing to drum up interest.

Step #3 – Promote Roster Betting With the Super Bowl.

Does the New England Patriots sign Eric Decker say something about their Super Bowl chances?

Pay per head agents should study Super Bowl odds on favorites after every major cut, injury, or acquisition. Super Bowl odds can change rapidly during the preseason.

Sending updated Super Bowl odds to players after cuts and acquisitions increase action.

Step #4 – Heavily promote action on NFL Preseason Week 4 games

NFL teams make final cuts after Preseason Week 4 games. Promote NFL Preseason Week 4 games as the final time for all players to impress their coaches.

Everything’s at stake for these players. Use the drama angle to gain action.

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