Kickstart Your Bookie Career

With Bitcoin

PayPerHead Waives Transaction Fees for Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, and Ripple.

Get 5% of Your Initial Deposit Back When You Sign Up for PayPerHead With Bitcoin.


increase in Bitcoin’s value in the last year with no signs of stopping.


of all Bitcoin transactions involve sports betting.

million bets have been placed with Bitcoin since 2009.

Bitcoin is the Future for Online Bookies

PayPerHead has waived Bitcoin transaction fees because it is the future of the sports betting industry. Cash in on the advantages professional bookies have enjoyed for the last year with Bitcoin.

Run Your Book with Extra Security

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, meaning that cryptography stands at the center of the protocol. In addition to SHA-256 encryption, the Block Chain protocol makes Bitcoin secure. It uses a dual-key system to store and protect digital funds. As a bookie, you get a public key to access or receive funds as well as a private key to ensure your identity, much like a bank card.   Bookies can also store their wallets offline in the form of printed-out barcodes that permit them to access funds only when needed.

Remove the Financial Middle Man

Run your book your own way and forget the financial middlemen standing in the way of your collections. Bitcoin lets bookies pursue their business goals without bureaucracy getting the in the way. Bookies are entitled to their own money. Shift players toward using Bitcoin for more secure payments. Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer network currency. Currency owners don’t need to walk into a bank or stay on the phone with credit card companies to sort out account issues.

Collect and Payout in Minutes

Expect your Bitcoin transactions to happen in 15 to 60 minutes. Pay out and collect instantly, keeping a steady cash flow in your book at all times. Wire transfers can take up to five business days to complete, in comparison. Streamline your business and get paid up front.

Skip Bitcoin Payment Fees

PayPerHead waives transaction fees for Bitcoin, Etherium, and Litecoin. Keep your money where it belongs—in your wallet. Your players might not know it yet, but they want to pay with Bitcoin. All you have to do is tell your players about it. Shift your players to cryptocurrencies with the right messages and promotions. If you want to make more cash, this is where it starts.

Bitcoin Keeps Growing by the Day

Bitcoin was invented in 2009, and it carried no value at first—it wasn’t the only cryptocurrency out there (and they’re still out there). A single Bitcoin was worth $1 in 2010, and is worth over $5,000 today. That rise in value comes from widespread use from business professionals, including lawyers, and the currency has shown no signs of slowing down. Professional bookmakers use Bitcoin even more, as bettors have spent $4.5 billion on sports bets since 2014.

Get 5% Back For a Limited Time

Get 5% back on your initial deposit when you start your book with PayPerHead.com using Bitcoin.* Initial deposits may reach no higher than $5,000 with a $250 rebate. Start your sports book today. Collect what you’re owed with the most valuable currency on the market, practically made for online bookies like you. Start today and receive up to $250 back to take the next step as a professional bookie.

Become a Bookie of the Future. Start with Bitcoin.

Sports betting accounts for 50% of all Bitcoin transactions to date, according to PBS. Your players are using Bitcoin, plain and simple. It’s quickly becoming one of the most popular payment options because of its speed and security. It doesn’t leave room for players to cancel payments, and transactions finish in a fraction of the time that older payment options take. Go where your customers are and collect the way they want to pay you. Enjoy zero payment fees with Bitcoin.
*Rebates of 5% can reach up to $250 with an initial deposit of $5,000.