American League Pennant Futures: Profitable Bets for Online Bookies

Jun 29, 2017 | MLB

We’re almost at the halfway point in the current 2017 Major League Baseball Season.

It’s time for pay per head agents to study the money flowing in on AL Pennant Futures.

What teams are hot? What teams should remain hot? Should agents set max betting limits? Keep reading to find out!

AL Pennant Odds – Favorite

Houston Astros +240

As of June 27, the Houston Astros are 52 and 26. The Astros have the best record in MLB. It doesn’t appear as if they’re going to slow down anytime soon.

If the top 2 pitchers in the starting rotation remain healthy, Dallas Kuechel and Lance McCullers Jr., Houston should win the AL West.

All per head agents must check their wagers reports. How much future action has gone onto the Astros?

Are you in danger of accepting too much action on Houston?

Should you create a max betting limit, or create a schedule limit override for the rest of the MLB season?

AL Pennant Odds – Second Choices

Boston Red Sox +350

Cleveland Indians +350

NY Yankees +500

The above teams are keeping pace in Vegas sportsbooks with the Houston Astros.

Yes, the Astros area a clear-cut favorite, but Boston, Cleveland, and to a certain extent, the New York Yankees, are clear-cut second choices.

With Boston and Cleveland, online bookie agents must repeat the steps above with the Houston Astros.

Check the wagers report for action on the Red Sox and the Tribe to win the American League Pennant.

If you’ve already accepted too much action, create a schedule limit override that lasts until the end of the current MLB Season.

If you’ve accepted some action, but want more on Cleveland and Boston, set max betting limits on all your players.

Always set max betting limits based on your sportsbook, your revenue goals.

The New York Yankees are a different sort of situation. The Yankees offer 5 to 1.

What this means is that for every $500 wagered, if the Yankees win the AL Pennant, the payout is $2,500.

You should set max betting limits on the Yankees, and any AL Pennant odds at +500 or above. It depends on how much in payouts your business can sustain.

It’s also incredibly important to think about other factors. The AL Pennant winner is crowned in October, after the first month of the 2017-2018 NFL Season.

This is why I’m always writing about forecasting, cash flow, etc. You must be prepared to have enough cash flow to account for the AL Pennant winner.

Once you’ve studied and prepared with AL Pennant odds, it’s time to check out the NL Pennant odds and futures. 

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